You choose your preferred product


 Easy to apply, pay and upgrade


You choose the deposit and duration


There are no hidden charges


�� We're here to help you purchase the Suzuki you desire at a monthly repayment you can afford.
We have years of experience and expertise in providing finance to bikers. We understand that as riders we all have different needs and we pride ourselves on tailoring contracts that fits your needs.



When to keep your options open?

PCP could be the choice for you with 3 options to choose from at the end of the contract.

  • Deposit
    Decide on the deposit you would like to pay.
    You might also have a bike to trade in.

  • Months
    Choose the number of months you want to repay over. This is the 'Repayment Term' 

  • Mileage
    Pick the annual mileage you think you will do over this period.

  • Based on your chosen annual mileage and the repayment term we calculate the vehicle’s Guaranteed Future Value (or GFV for short).
    This value (plus a £10 Purchase Fee) then becomes your optional final repayment.

End of Contract

Once you've paid all the regular monthly repayments you can then pick from one of 3 options:

  • Keep It
    Pay the optional final repayment and keep the bike.

  • Hand It Back
    Hand the bike back and have nothing further to pay, subject to the bike being in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and not having exceeded the maximum agreed mileage. Charges will apply if the bike has exceeded the maximum agreed mileage or is not in good condition. View our guide to fair wear and tear, and what you need to be aware of if and when you choose to return your Suzuki at the end of your financial agreement

  • Get A New One
    Part-exchange your bike and purchase a new bike (subject to settlement of your existing contract; new contracts are subject to status). If the trade-in value of the bike is more than the optional final repayment this difference could be used as a deposit on a new bike